Thursday, 19 September 2013

About Myself

My name is Amirul Zulhilmi Bin Idrus. I live in Permatang, Penang. I was born on 16 December  1994. My father’s name is Idrus Bin Ramli and my Mother’s name is Tinah Binti Ishak
I have four siblings in my family and i am the second.the first is my elder sister who was born in 18 December 1993 and the others is my younger sister and my younger brother who is now 12 and 9 years old

My father is under pension and self- employed while my mother is a house wife i am now furthering my studies in Uitm segamat. I am taking diploma business studies in transport
I has a huge appetite so i have a lot of favorite food. Among of them the food that i often to take is Nasi lemak or in English is Coconut rice.although i have a lot of favourite food i only take plain water or sky juice as my drinks because i hate sweet drinks that contains lots of sugar

I am always concern about my self that is why i taking my meal orderly and make sure all my dish is healthy. I also always exercise regularly because my hobby is to do outdoor activity. Types of activities that i often to do is rock climbing, jogging, uphill cycling, and swimming
In my daily life i also practising fasting and low-crabs diet. I learnt this low-crabs diet from my sister and she is the one always advise and supervise me. It is because ancestor and also my father is suffering with diabetes diesease. So in oder to maintain my health i cannot take a large portion of sugar in my daily meal

My favorite actor is Johan Ashaari who is the star in the Juvana film that is a major hits in Malaysia. He is among the young Malaysians artist who gain their fame by their own talent not by controversy